30 Day Skin Detøx Protocol

How to do the 30 Day Skin Detøx:

Model using Facial Exfoliant by dh Aromatology

Just Remember These Three Important Steps


  • C = Clean

  • N = Nourish

  • P = Protect


The first thing to do in this protocol is to clean your skin during the day. The skin of your face constantly undergoes environmental aggressions such as wind, pollution, heat, cold, microbes, air conditioning, UV rays, free radicals, and much more.

Your skin protects you from all these attacks by producing:

• Sebum that protects against dehydration with fatty acids and squalene

• Vitamin E that protects against UV-induced free radicals

• fat-soluble particles through sweating that will protect against high body temperature 

• and regulating the pH of the skin which is important for a healthy bacterial balance of the skin

• hydro-active particles (dead cells) called corneocytes that participate in the proper functioning of the skin in its role as a barrier

All this will accumulate on the skin and it will eventually prevent it from working properly, making it is necessary to clean the skins surface in order to let it breathe and oxygenate.

For this to be effective you have to use products that remove fat-soluble and water-soluble substances. That's the role of the Facial Cleanser Oil and Hydrosol.


After this cleansing you must help the skin to fully play its role of "being a barrier" to those environmental elements by nourishing the skin. This step is quite simply feeding the skin what it needs to do its job well. Applying an oil-based Sérum and essential oils - based on carrier oils that are rich in fatty acids similar to those of the skin - it will find its balance and its shine.


It is necessary to protect the skin against Free Radicals -- unstable oxygen molecules that have the function of degrading living matter -- that are in the air. These free radicals are at the origin of your wrinkles. It is therefore necessary to apply antioxidants which are found in all carrier oils that inhibit the action of free radicals.

These antioxidants are polyphenols and vitamin E (aka tocopherols and tocotrienols). Therefore, with a jojoba and coconut oil neutral cream formula, with 1% Vitamin E, you protect your skin against free radicals.

This also protects against the UV rays which activate free radicals and can burn the skin, give brown or white spots, carcinomas, etc. if you expose yourself to the sun. Best practice is to minimize sun exposure between noon-4pm.

Lets Begin Your 30 Day Skin Detøx

Note: There are slight differences to the routine for morning and night.

Photo of vegan cream and hydrosol by dh Aromatology with the sunlight behind.



In the morning your skin does not need as deep of a cleaning as it does in the evening, so this step is used more to refresh and prepare the skin with a clean surface.

All you have to do is spray the hydrosol on the glove on the exfoliant side and wipe your face clean. There is no need to massage or scrub the skin excessively (if the skin is a bit damp after, that is okay). Cleansing with hydrosol is a natural way to help your skin rebalance its PH level.

Model spraying hydrosol by dh Aromatology on her face.


Apply a few drops of your Serum in your hands and massage your face outwards and upwards.

If your skin is still tight after 1 hour after application, it's because you have not put enough. If it is too shiny, it's because you've used too much. Make a note of this and adjust your morning ritual accordingly.

The skin absorbs only what it needs.

Label for Skin Detox Serum No.1 by dh Aromatology


Lastly, apply your nutrient rich Vegan Cream in the morning before your make-up.

Model holding Vegan Cream by dh Aromatology.

Don't forget to have a wonderfully conscious day 😉



Firstly, pour a few drops of the cleansing oil on the soft side of your cleansing glove and clean your face. You can even use this product safely on the eyes to remove mascara. Remove all the make-up and/or dirt. Again, use the softer side first and then move on to step 2.

Label for Skin Detox Facial Oil Cleanser by dh Aromatology

Next, spray the hydrosol on the glove on the exfoliant side and complete the cleaning to remove the excess dirt and the water-soluble particles. Just like in the morning, there is no need to massage or scrub the skin excessively (if the skin is a bit damp after, that is okay).

Label for Skin Detox Facial Hydrosol No.1 by dh Aromatology

*For A Deep Cleaning of the Skin Cells...

Use the Facial Exfoliant two times a week to eliminate accumulation of the toxins in the cells. Do this after you have completed the normal facial cleaning.

Just massage a small amount to wet skin for approximately 2 minutes, then rinse.

Label for Skin Detox Facial Exfoliant by dh Aromatology


If your skin is mixed, oily, or acne prone, apply 2 to 4 times a week a small amount of Serum, and the other evenings do not apply anything; let it breathe and work.

If your skin is sensitive, reactive, dry, or very dry then apply a few drops of your Serum to help it regain its balance faster every evening.

Photo of a lady dropping a drop of DH Aromatology Serum in her hand.


Because your skin is not as exposed to the elements in the evening this step is not as relevant. However if you want to give your skin that extra little bit of protection (or nourishment), you can apply a small amount of Vegan Cream.

Label for Skin Detox Vegan Cream by dh Aromatology

Have a wonderful sleep and be conscious of what your skin is telling you 😉


And that's it! Just remember the Three Important Steps - Clean, Nourish, Protect - for your 30 Day Skin Detøx and make sure to use the right products for your type of skin. If you are not sure about the products to use please contact us.

Happy Detøxing!

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