Our Approach

The CØ Community is a place for everyone, young and old, men and women, beginners and experts, spiritual gurus and scientists. Everyone here will have the opportunity to learn something new, or share what they know. We are all "vari-colored flowers of one garden", and that uniqueness is what makes our garden beautiful.

Our Story

To trace this back to the beginning would be impossible, as we would have to go all the way back to the creation of our existence. So instead, we will start with Danielle. After 35+ years experience in the beauty & cosmetics and essential oils industry she is finally finding a way to share what she knows, and allow the conversation to grow. Her goal is to have a single place for all of us to go in order to have access to the information we are entitled to.

Meet the Team

Although you are really what makes this community work, we do have a few members that are making a huge effort to keep it running, and enjoyable.
If we could we would have a photo of every single one of you, but for now let's show you a few of us here in the background.


Danielle Huard


We call her the "Inspirator" of CØ, the one with the idea and the desire to make it happen.


Stevie Iwaszko

Web Master

He has this natural way of listening to his intuition and effortlessly bring that inner voice to life in his digital creations.



Timothy Barrett


We don't know who this guy is, but he looks happy and we love that.

Next Steps...

If you have any questions for one of our team members, please feel free to give us a shout!