#Freedom60 – 60 is the new 20!

My name is Danielle Huard, and I am the founder of Conscious Cosmetics Community. Next year I will be 60… ho boy!! So in honor of this I decided to start a new blog called “Freedom 60”.

Photo of palm trees during sunrise in Pensacola, Florida

I have been humbly blessed with the opportunities to experience artistic creation in make-up for cinema and magazines which motivated me to write many beauty chronicles, books, and eventually start my own Academy for learning “aromatology” that specializes in wellness, cosmetics, essential oils and much more.

Being a frequent traveler and also a naturally adventurous woman, I also have copious amounts of stories to make this blog enjoyable and hopefully inspirational for you. Let me take you on a rollercoaster ride through the world of the “young-at-heart” sixties.

Life at 60 can be exciting, so I will be focusing on lots of positive changes that occur in the areas of aging, what natural products to use, and also the lifestyle associated with this time period from my own personal experiences.

Typically life at 60 means retirement, but with current scientific advancements and medical innovations, paired with a healthy lifestyle, the pace of the aging process has slowed and we are now able to challenge these old societal norms. You will be amazed at how young you will feel! Major life changes will occur at this age and these changes include trading long hours and stressful work situations for a more flexible schedule and more leisure. To have a good life at this age psychological issues linked with these changes should be attended to properly. Issues talked about here include anxiety and depression, and to solve this, one should establish a new routine to break the former routine which is now obsolete due to the changes in life.

Naturally, aging causes adverse effects on the skin of a woman in her sixties – effects like loss of the skin’s elasticity all over your body. In order to curb these effects, naturally made products are highly recommended. These products are those that contain organic oils, essentials oils, natural collagen – all these help replenish lost nutrients and also recuperate moisture.

The lifestyle of a woman at 60 needs adjustments to suit the body, mind and spirit for a better quality of life. It is a known fact that exercise can add years to our lives, thus should be taken seriously in the best possible ways, like engaging in light jogging, walking in the park, yoga etc. Also, be critical about your appearance, thus dress to impress yourself first, then maybe others.

This is just a teaser of the topics to be covered in this blog that will hopefully bring more inspiration and quality to your life; thus bookmark, save, and frequently visit for more adventurous and insightful updates along this journey to being #60andFree.


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